How We Helped a Startup Turn Their Idea Into a Marketable Product


General industry: Packaging




Plastic Injection Moulding


Inner Dia :31.2± 0.03


General Tolerances

  • Linear ± 0.10 in
  • Angular ± 1
  • Surface roughness 64 rms

Critical Tolerances

  • Linear ± 0.05 in
  • Surface roughness 32 rms


One of the most exciting parts of what we do here at OMPL is transforming ideas into tangible products, which is exactly what we did for our client – a startup founded by three IIT graduates. The client scouted across the country to find the best manufacturer for their product and zeroed in on OMPL. Since they trusted our team with bringing their idea to life, it was both an honour and a responsibility.

Their idea was to create a sleek cable manager to keep the earphone cords untangled. Unlike the existing cable managers, they wanted to create a product that was visually pleasing and extremely straightforward to use. But, the main challenge was that we had to bring to form something that did not yet exist. The client provided us with the concept, and we were required to gather all our capabilities and skills to breathe life into a product through every stage of development.


We worked closely with the client to gather data on users' needs. After analysis, our technical and design engineers collaborated with the client’s team to create prototypes. We ran each prototype through multiple tests and created several iterations until we developed a design we were all happy to go ahead with.

From material selection to manufacturing, we helped the client throughout the product development cycle to achieve a product that was both functional and attractive for consumers.

The client was pleased with the quality we could produce, our capabilities and facilities, and our commitment to timely delivery. We are proud to have been a part of helping them succeed in getting their product to market.